We would like to welcome the newest member to our Cubby Love Bears Family! U’Neek The Gift Bear is our special needs bear that will help children communicate some of their daily basic needs with parents, family members or caregiver. Our goal with U’Neek the Gifted Bear is to help kids with disabilities and those who are non-verbal better communicate their feelings and needs by using the symbols to activate a command.

A simple click of the bear’s different body parts which include symbols will activate a voice command of the following:

“I’m hungry”

“I’m sleepy”

“I need to potty”

“Will you play with me?”

“I don’t feel well”

Also included on the bear, is a countdown clicker to help the child during frustrating moments.  


U’Neek the Gifted Bear would love to come home and help your child communicate with others to help with their daily needs.

U'Neek the Gifted Bear


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